Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Yep.....another block finished. This was just one of those blocks that just takes off. It only took about 4 days to complete and I enjoyed making every bit of it. I only have a few decent pictures because my camera is still giving me some problems and I really haven't had the chance to look at new cameras yet. Working on it thou. So please bear with the quality of the photos. The first photo is of the complete block.

The second photo shows the details of the flower cluster. The larger light blue flowers I created using 7 mm light blue YLI silk ribbon with a Loop stitch for the petals and the smaller flowers are made using 4mm teal YLI silk ribbon using Japanese ribbon stitches. I used pearls for the center of the flowers. I also used an unlying feather stitch and added some enlongated pearl beads to act as flower buds. For the seam just above the flowers I used a Loop stitch and tack it down with beads.

The next photo shows the detail of the tree. I enjoy including trees in my crazy quilts. For the trunk of the tree I used a chain stitch in a light brown DMC floss (3 strands). And then the leaves are Japanese ribbon stitches in a medium teal 4 mm YLI silk ribbon. The tree is meant to be on some what of a slant. I wanted it to look a little like a bonsai tree. I then added some straight stitches by the trunk to act as grasses.

The 3rd photo shows a cast on stitch embellished with some small teal bugle beads and then larger gold twisted bugle beads. In this photo you can also see part of one of the antique doillies I purchased awhile back. I also embellished this with some pearls.

And in the last photo in the bottom seam I used and enlongated chain stitch and took 3 straight stitches off the ends of the chain stitch. Then embellished the straight stitches with a twisted light blue bugle bead. The upper seam is your basic Chevron stitch embellished with 4 mm teal YLI silk ribbon and beads.

Have a great day  :)


  1. This is really beautiful and I love the colors.


  2. This colour combo is exquisite. And with your amazing stitching the blocks look so lush and rich. I'm really impressed by how well you incorporate large, bold prints into your cq work.