Thursday, November 20, 2014

B&B Show Buttons 2014

One of the exhibits that I enjoy at the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee is the National Button Society's exhibit. It's delightful to see all the old buttons. Here are a few pictures of the buttons they had at this years show. And again, pardon the reflection of the glass in the photos. The buttons are inside glass display cases. The first one is a collection of buttons that contain sapphires in them:

Next we might as well go to the emeralds:

They also had some made with amethyst:

Next we have some buttons that contain gold:

Let's not forget the diamond buttons:

Other buttons were made with mother of pearl (or Nacre) These are some of my personal favorite type of buttons:

Some buttons also were made with leather components:

Also pottery/ceramic:

And some steel:

And finally a few novelty button in the shapes of books.

I have recently moved to Florida as some of you know. I relocated to Melbourne/Palm Bay area. So far I love it. But what's not to love. Eighty degree temps and sunshine while the rest of the country is getting slammed with winter. At the time that I'm posting this poor Buffalo, NY had just received 70" of snow. I can't even image.

 Well anyways, one night I was wondering if FL had a button society of its own so I Goolged it. And behold I found several groups. The closest one was located in Deland which is about an hour and a half drive from me. So I decided to jump in the car and go. I had a wonderful time meeting fellow button fanatics. Such a truly friendly group of people. I am going to fit right in with these folks. I also found out that there is a state wide button show in January in Daytona. Think I'm going to have to go to that as well. I will try to post more info about that show when I find out more about it.

I have also recently open an Etsy shop where I plan to sell crazy quilt/fiber art supplies. and some finished pieces of jewelry. At the moment I mostly have some beautiful Czech buttons. I plan to offer some beautiful fibers, laces, and crazy quilt packages. Please feel free to visit.

Everyone have a great week!