Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I sometimes joke with my father that I have adult ADHD. I have a difficult time focusing on one thing for a very long time. I am either doing crazy quilting, or beading, or jewelry. Tomorrow it may be cuffs or altered art. There is always so much rattling around in my head I often don't know which way to turn first. This week it was necklaces for my craft shows. Here are a few pictures of some of the necklaces. I really enjoy these dangling charm style necklaces. They were fairly easy to make. The most difficult part was collecting all the charms and miscellaneous other items. Here are some of the silver necklaces:

Here are a few of the gold ones:

And lastly the copper. I think I like the copper ones the best:

They are about 36" long and fun to wear cuz they jingle when you move. I have made about 12 of them all together and will be selling them for $45.00 each.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Altered Art

So this is one of the items I've been busy with lately. I've been doing some altered art using antique spoons and forks. I saw something similar on Pinterst and totally loved them. I have a few in my kitchen and one of my co-workers has purchased one for her kitchen. I think I'm going to sell some of them at the flea market next summer. Here is one of the forks:
Here are a few close ups of that fork:

Here are a few more of the forks:

Here are some of the spoons:

Here are a few more:


I had some guy friends from work drill the holes in the spoons and forks for the chains. Attached the chains with jump rings. The other materials were purchased at garage sales, some at Micheals, others at JoAnns fabrics, some at antiques stores, some are from earrings and still other parts are just from some old charms I had laying around. I used E6000 glue for the gluing parts of this project. Hope you enjoy them.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

October CQJP

I am so glad that I got a little ahead of myself in completing some of my CQJP blocks because lately I've been falling behind. I am trying to start a business doing craft shows so I have been very busy making jewelry and creating inventory. Yikes. Never enough hours in my day but I'm sure you all know the feeling.

So here is the block I have submitted for Oct.

I am also working on my bead journal projects. I have fallen a little behind that as well. But I am working on that currently. Stay tuned.