Monday, September 30, 2013

Log Cabin Quilts

I have a large collection of 2" strips of fabric that I have created thru my many years of quilting. Anytime I had left over fabric while making a quilt I would cut the remaining fabric into a 2" strip and throw it into a pile. Well this summer I decided to dig into that pile and make a few Log Cabin quilts. I love scrappy quilts so these 2 quilts were a lot of fun. I decided to make two different color schemes. Both are the Barn Raising style of Log Cabins. The first quilt is a more traditional scrap quilt with beige and assorted dark scraps.
And the other quilt is made up of scraps using floral fabrics.
I like the floral quilt a little better than the tradition quilt. I also have a lot of those 2" strips left. In fact I hardly put a dent in my pile. Maybe next I will make a Rail Fence or perhaps a different style of Log Cabin. Not sure what to do next but I would really like to use up those strips. Any suggestions?
I have also been working on finishing my 2012 CQJP quilt. All the blocks have been sewn together and the border is on. I am now embellishing the seams between the blocks and then next I will work on embellishing the border. I'm sure all of this will take at least a few more weeks so stay tuned for that. In the mean time everyone have a great week.......and thanks for stopping by.