Sunday, September 2, 2012

September CQJP

Well summer is coming to a close here in northern Wisconsin. Labor day is our last big hooray. I'm a little glad and sad at the same time. Summer always goes by too quickly.

Here are some close up photos of the block I submitted for September's CQJP.

I am also showing you where some of my creativity happens in the jewelry department. This is actually my kitchen table. Good thing I live alone I'm sure most of us have a spot like this where we do are work. I like the kitchen table or a corner in the front room and like I said, I live alone so it doesn't bother anybody (and the dog don't care) and I don't waste time having to put things away all the time. I do some type of work almost everyday anyways.

Also I am displaying a few photos of my golden angel...She is my wonderful doggie..Nala. Love her much!

She's a beautiful dog and her heart matches her beautiful face. Here is one more goofy photo of her. This is how she sleeps at night. The other day I woke up early before the alarm clock and she was snoring loudly right in my ear. It's probably what woke me up...I had a good laugh about it and hated to wake her up.

Everyone have a great day  :) !