Sunday, July 15, 2012

July BJP

Well lots has been happening since my last post (besides work). I have just completed my July's beaded rock today. This month I decided to go with the color scheme of my CQJP, the blues and browns. I had some beautiful focal stones which I wanted to use on this project so I placed one in the center and designed outward from there. I really never have a complete design layout in my head when I start these projects. I usually just go with the flow. Do some of you have your complete project planned before you begin? I'm just wondering.

I also started a new crazy quilt project. I want to make some purses. Here is a picture of the start of one of them. I plan on embellishing these with silk flowers, a lot of trim, buttons, and beaded trim on the bottom. Stay tuned for more.

And here are a few pictures of my progress on my next CQJP block (block 12). I figured I'd share its progress since I was already posting today anyways. For the teal flower I used organza ribbon, cut out small circles, then burned the edges with a candle and stacked them on top of one another to create the flower. It turned out nicely, but next time I think I will use smaller circles. Also if you look closely, the dolliey is one of the doilys I purchased at the antique store a while back. I dyed it and placed it on this block. My dilema is that I really don't want to cover much of it up because of the details on the doily (small butterflies) So I'm not going to add to much to the area with the doily on it.

I also found this great lamp base at Goodwill this week. It's cast iron and has an old antique look to it. I just absolutely love it. I was so excited when I found it just sitting on the shelf calling to me. It made my day! I am going to bead a lamp shade to go with it.

Also my doggie found a nest of baby bunnies (second time this year already). Lucky for the bunnies my dog has a very gently mouth and did not hurt any of them; scared them a little, but didn't hurt them. I put the babies back in their nest at night and in the morning they were all gone so hopefully they found their way some place safe. I always joke that in the animal world bunnies lucked out in the cuteness department compared to say, snakes (which I also have in my yard). So I'm sharing the photo of the cute baby bunnies and the proud bunny getter (Nala).

That's all for now. Have a wonderful day :)

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