Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Well like everyone else I've been very busy. I've been absent for a while because my old computer died and I had to break down and purchase a new one. And of course it's running Windows 8 so I had some learning to do. I tried to have the old one fixed by a few individuals but after person #3 I finally conceded that it was time to consider the old computer dead.

Well it's finally March and spring is really not in the air in northern Wisconsin. We received 6" of fresh snow just the other day. Here is what it looks like out my door this year

Last year at this time I was posting picture of my tulips coming up earlier then I could ever remember.


I have been commissioned to do a small crazy quilt for a local person here so I have been working on that lately and have not really gotten to work on my CQJP or BJP lately. Hopefully after I finish this small piece (4 blocks) I can kick it into high gear and work on those pieces. When I finish I will post some pictures.

I have also finally found my border fabric to complete my CQJP quilt for last year.....Ohhh...soooo much to do. I just never have enough hours in my day. Oh, and I'm taking a computer class learning HTML for designing web pages. Yikes
Just a few more photo of my wonderful snow doggie.......Nala, she just loves this snow. I wish I had her attitude sometimes.

Everyone have a wonderful week!