Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Contest Winner

I received great news this week. I took a second place at the online crazy quilt contest. I am very happy that this quilt placed so well. It was a true labor of love. This quilt took about 1 year to complete from start to finish with the majority of the work being done in the last 3 months. It was kind of a UFO. I started it for another challenge and put it aside for some time. That challenge came and went. When I came back to it I went at it with a vengeance and completed it within 3 months time. All the fabrics are 100% cotton fabrics which is what I actually prefer working with. It has batting and is tied in the corners of each blocks. All the blocks are outlined with a feather stitch with 3 beads secured on the end of each one of those stitches. LOTS of beads! Some of the new things tried on this quilt was hand dying some of the laces, using of sequins, and the use of silk flowers for the floral swag on the border. I broke the silk flowers down and sewed them into place with beads for the center of the flowers. I also beaded the border with bugle beads and some square beads sprinkled throught out. I want to thank Thearica for having the contest and I look forward to next years competition. Here are a few more pictures of that quilt.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

March beaded rock

I have completed my March beaded rock for the BJP. I know I am ahead of schedule but I have extra time on my hands and might as well be productive. I also don't have a lot of other distraction in my life beside work and maybe my doggies but they are not really a distraction. They just need some love once in awhile. Also this stuff is a passion of mine. I love working with all the fabrics and beads along with silk ribbon and all the other wonderful stuff in my collection. Sometimes I joke that I could open my own craft store with all the stuff I have collected over the years. I'm sure there are a lot of you in the same boat. Lots of stuff and I've been thinking lately I might as well start using some of it up. What am I saving it for? So this is one of the reasons I've been really kicking out the projects lately.
I really like how this rock turned out. I started with the porcelain jasper and selected my seed and bugle beads off of that stone. The colors are greys and pinks. This rock took about 5 days to make. I work long days but when I come home I usually pick up my projects and cannot put them down. I often look at the time and have to tell myself to go to bed. I think twice this week I went to bed after 2 a.m.
Well next on my list is my 5th CQJP block. I want to write a book on crazy quilting soon and I want to complete a few more crazy quilts before I tackle that project. Probably another reason I am working so hard on these CQ blocks. I want to put this quilt in the book. I also like to challenge myself to improve my skills with each quilt. To bring up my game so to speak. Well off I go.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CQJP block 4

I have just completed block 4 for the CQJP. Just can't help myself I'm on a roll. My head is just full of ideas for this quilt. I purchased some more silk ribbon from the Piecemakers Country Store and I just had to dive right into it. Beside YLI silk ribbon I also purchased some Hannah silk ribbon in some beautiful colors this time. Great stuff. I just wish it came in thinner sizes. It's fragile ribbon and doesn't handle going thru fabric too well. I also recently went to a local bead store and found some great little brown stone goldfish. I also had to use them right away so I placed them in the center of this block.
I also purchased my beads for my next bead journal project. This time I am going to go a little more color coordinated. Here is a picture of the beads. Lets see what it turns into. The center stone is Porcelain Jasper.

Monday, February 13, 2012

White on white CQ

Here are a few picture of another past crazy quilt. This one is a white on white crazy quilt.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I have completed my February BJP. I went a little different route for this months beaded rock. I joking call it my retro rock. My friends at work say it looks more like an Easter egg. I guess it does.
I didn't really say too much about my beaded rocks on my first post. Most of these rocks were gathered from Lake Superior this summer when I bugged my father to go on a road trip to find these rocks. I felt we would find good rocks that had smooth surface here due to the water just right for beading. We did not find a lot of good rocks. Only a few. But we had a wonderful trip and it was a beautiful day. Quality time spent with my father. My father is in FL for the winter so I can not wait til he comes home and sees what I have done with these rocks.
I also recently went to one of our local antique stores and found these treasures there. I just love the dollies with the butterflies on it. There were two of butterfly dollies in the basket. Plus I found 3 others that will be prefect of my quilts. I just wish I knew the people who made these wonderful dollies. I would like to tell them that they have found a good home. Maybe those people are looking down at me and know. It's a nice thought.
I would also like to thank everyone who has stopped by my new blog and have left messages and become followers. Thank you all VERY much. I will try my best to provide you with inspiration as best as I can.
Also don't forget to stop by to see the online crazy quilt competition. There are some truly beautiful crazy quilted items in this show. And don't for get to vote.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Online quilt contest

In entering the online crazy quilt contest it suggests I tell you a little more about my journey as a crazy quilter. I started on or about 1997 (that's when I can find my earliest dated finished crazy quilt). I lived in Melbourne, FL and was a college student at the time. I saw an episode of Quilt in a Day on PBS on was instantly hooked on quilting in general. Eleanor Burns made it look so easy. I started taking classes at a local quilt store and made several normal quilts. Then one day I walked into that store and there was a heart shaped crazy quilted tree skirt. It was the most wonderful thing I ever saw. I signed up for the class and have not really stopped since. I love all the silk ribbon, beads, buttons, and laces crazy quilts have to offer. I also love to see others work. I have enter several shows and have won many first places, viewers choice, and two best of show. I would like to write a book on crazy quilting very soon so I am working on a few more quilts to put it the book. I always try to challenge myself to improve my skills and techniques each time I make a new quilt. I hope you will visit the show at and view some wonderful quilts. Above are some more examples of my work.

Crazy quilt contest

I have enter an online crazy quilt contest promoting crazy quilts as quilts too. So many times crazy quilt are left out of competitions simply because they don't have traditional quilting on them. This contest is to create awareness that crazy quilts are every bit as much a quilt as the next traditional quilt. Maybe even more so because of all the hand work that goes into them. Please visit the site to see all the wonderful entries. And don't forget to vote for you favorite quilt. You must go to this site to see the piece I entered in the show. Happy viewing!