Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Crazy Quilt Part II

Here are a few more pictures of the most recent crazy quilt. Hope you enjoy them. Here is a close up of the flower block.

and a few close up of that block

Here is the tree block.

And a few close ups of that block.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 8, 2013

New Crazy Quilt

Well I've been away for awhile because I was commissioned to make a crazy quilt someone and I have been working VERY hard on it for a little over a month. The color scheme is the same as my  CQJP for 2012 because the lady had seen those blocks and just loved the color scheme. I know you would probably like to see something with a little different colors but for today it's going to be the same old color scheme but they are different blocks. I really do have a different color scheme for me on that one.  I am only posting a few pictures today of  two blocks and will be posting close ups of the other two block very soon....probably this week sometime so stay tuned.
 Here is a few close ups of the boarders...

Here are a few close ups of the spider web block.....

 Here are a few close ups of the floral block....

I will post close ups of the other two blocks within the next two days so check back. And finally I should be able at last be to tackle my CQJP for 2013. I have started some blocks but really just haven't completed any yet.

Everyone have a wonderfully creative week!!