Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Today I am going to share some of my jewelry making skills. I love to make my own jewelry and here are just a few of some of my pieces. My absolute favorite pair of earring are the filigree bell shaped earrings. The bell shaped filigree pieces were purchased from Micheals craft store. And the beads used were purchased on my vacation out to CA last Nov in a little bead store in Eureka, CA. This pair of earrings always remind me of my wonderful vacation out west. I had such a wonderful time out there I am planning to move out there probably next year.
 The leaves on the other pair of earrings were also purchased at that store. Some of the other beads were purchased at a local bead store that went out of business last summer. She had all of her items at 70 % off so I bought lots. It was like Christmas.

I want to start selling some of my jewelry at the local flea market but I just don't have quite a large enough supply of them built up yet. But I am working on it. Hope you enjoy the pieces. Have a wonderfully creative week.

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