Saturday, June 30, 2012

CQJP Block 12

Well I figured I needed to get back to some of my crazy quilting. So yesterday and today I finished block 12 (of 16 blocks-only 4 more blocks to go) of my CQJP. I know I'm way ahead of the program but I would like to have this quilt completely finished by the end of the year. I did put it down for about a week or two to do some beading but I missed my crazy quilting. So here are a few pictures. You can see that I incorporated the beaded star that I posted a few days ago in this block.

Please excuse some of the quality of some of the photos. I am having some issues with my camera. Some times it works well and sometimes not so good. I thought it was the battery so I purchased a new battery but I'm thinking it's the camera now. I may need to purchase a new one. I currently have a  Nikon CoolPix. Does anyone have any suggestion on a new camera? Any favorites that anyone would recommend? My Nikon has served me well but I think its days are numbered.

Also I purchased some new beads at our local bead store (Tomahawk River Traders in Minoqua, WI). Here are a few pictures of the beads and stones I purchased. I want to use some of the stones for necklaces and some for bead embroidery.

Also I just have to share the new purse I purchased. It's breathtakingly beautiful. It's a Mary Frances purse. I may never actually use it (but maybe I will) but I will certainly place it somewhere where I can just look at it. It was just one of those guilty pleasure purchases.

Everyone have a great week..... And if I don't see you by then...Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!!

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  1. just popped in from SF, I am new to CQ but loving all I see and will now follow you as I am sure you will be a great inspiration to me.
    What is a bit conmcerning being new is not having too much stuff, having looked through my stash I have more than I thought I did!! 3 cheers for hording.I show up as one f my bags not me on this, do not know how to change the pic on my blog.

    How rude of me, your block is great and love your new purchases