Monday, June 25, 2012

Beaded Star

Beaded Star

Well summer has finally hit the northwoods of Wisconsin and we are off and running. I work as a waitress in a very busy restaurant so summer is are busy work time not leaving a lot of time for my crafts  :( . So my posting during the summer will probably be sporadic. (oh I guess they already are a little).

I have been wanting to learn some more beading techniques. I have soooo.... many beading books and I want to start to put some to use. So, last night I picked a project out of my book, "Creative Beading Vol 6". From the publishers of the Bead and Button magazine. It is FULL of great projects. I recently purchased the book on one of my trips to the local JoAnn Fabrics (love that store).

Here are a few photos of how this project progressed. It turned out nicely and I think I will try to incorporate it into one of my CQJP blocks. It wasn't too difficult just a little time consuming trying to figure how to do the first one. The directions were well written and clear. It was just the first time making this piece so it took some time (later part of an evening). I will make more for sure now that I have it figured out some.

I highly recommend this book. Like I mentioned earlier, it is full of great projects and I'm sure this is not the only item I will make out of the book. It has beautiful examples and clear instructions. I can not wait til I find some more time to tackle the next project. In the mean time happy crafting everybody. And make time to do something you enjoy. Life is short......

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