Monday, March 26, 2012

Watercolor Quilts

Here is another passion of mine....watercolor quilts. I love quilts with vibrant color and these watercolor quilts have it. The first quilt is a Trip Around the World pattern titled 'Hidden Butterflies'. It's titled that because it has butterflies hand quilted into the squares. You can see the butterflies if you look close enough. This quilt won a viewer's choice award a few years back at a local quilt show. It's one of my personnel favorites.
The above quilt is a variation of a pattern from a book titled 'Striped-Pieced Watercolored Quilts' by Deanna Spingola (Aztec Treasures, p-95). If you are a person who is intimidated by watercolor quilts I recommend the technique this book has to offer. Instead of individual little squares you strip piece blocks together. The technique makes watercolor quilts a lot easier and faster. Also pictured is one of my dogs, Nala. You will probably be seeing a lot more pictures of her in the future. Shes my buddy:)
Stay tuned to my blog. I am going to start to do some tutorials. Just have to get a few days off so I can complete a few of them. I want to show you how I do some of my favorite stitches that I use on some of my crazy quilts. I also want to show you some variations of some of these stitches. Just wish I had a few more hours in my day. Everyone have a wonderfully creative day:)

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