Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Prizes Arrive

My winnings arrived in the mail on Saturday from Flights of Fancy for taking a second place in the pigstalesandquilts online crazy quilt contest. It was just like Christmas when I opened the package. I received some really great items from Flights of Fancy. It was difficult picking out from all the beautiful items she has over there on her website. If you haven't been there lately I really recommend you wonder on over to www.flightsoffancyboutique.com and see what she has to offer. She offers lots of wonderful trims and motifs and fancy ribbons. The trims I selected will be able to use right away on my current CQJP blocks. I want to personally thank Flights of Fancy for being such a wonderful sponsor and being so gracious. I will definitely put these items to good use.
Also, I am trying to still learn this blogging thing. So far I am having a wonderful time but I am also realizing how much there is to learn. Please bear with me as I am self learning this stuff. I have recently purchased some books about online businesses as I am wanting to start on online store soon. As I read I realize how much I still need to learn just in the blogging department. Keep posted and watch me grow.

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