Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cleaning closets

I know I have been missing in action for a long while....I've been very busy cleaning out craft closets. I have 2 rooms full of craft items. This week I decided to clean out one of the closets (It actually took more than a week, more like 2 and a half) Some items I am deciding to sell, some I am going to take to the quilt store and have them finished off. I am finally going to take all those finished quilt tops that I have collected thru the years and take them into the local quilt store (Karen's Quilt Corner, Eagle River, WI) to have her machine quilt them for me. I always think that I am going to quilt these quilts myself but another quilt top gets finished and on it goes onto the pile. I have probably have as many as 15 quilt tops none of which are finished. So I am going to face facts, that I simply do not have enough hours in my day, and get them to the quilt store. Here are just a few.of the tops just sitting around for years waiting to be quilted....


My favorite so far is the Log Cabin simply because I love scarpy quilts. The bear quilt I designed myself and want to sell the pattern. I do love homespun plaids.
I have also been going thru my fabric and deciding what I going to keep and what I am going to get rid of. You sometimes have to get rid of the old to make room for the new. We are having a local craft sale/swap next month so I'm going to participate and let some of my fabric go.
I also found a few old silk ribbon projects in my closet that I all but forget I made. I use to teach silk ribbon classes when I lived in Florida and here are some of the samples for the classes. I will probably sell some of these at the craft sale also.

I haven't forgotten about CQJP 2013 or the BJP 2013. I am working on the first months for these groups but you will have to wait and see yet. Cleaning out the closets has put me a little behind but I had to get those closets cleaned up.  Everyone have a great week......and let your creativity soar!


  1. Susan you have some beautiful quilts here, I am sure they will be well used and loved when completed, look forward to seeing them when they are fully finished I envy you with such a stash that you need to unload, I am still collecting and building mine!Be careful you do not sell something and then decide you need it!
    Silk ribbon looks good, another technique on my to try list!

  2. I love the bear quilt - I'm a sucker for anything with animals on! I don't know how you find the time to be so super creative. Clearing out always takes longer than you think - it's the hard decisions to part with stuff, isn't it?

    I still think the blue and brown combination you've used for the crazy quilt background on this page is my absolute favourite - there is so much to see and enjoy and yet it is restful to look at.