Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Final Beaded Rocks

Well I finally finished my beaded journal project for 2012. I know it's two month past due.....but I did get them finished. First one is all done in all greens and blues. I love these colors together and as you can see it works well on the beaded rock. So here is November's beaded rock:

December's beaded rock reminds me of winter, cool blues, whites and silver.

In both beaded rocks I used some left over beads and beads of different shapes. Next onto 2013. Both CQJP and BJP. I'm starting a little behind but that OK. It's winter now in Wisconsin so there should be time to catch up. Have a wonderfully creative week   :)


  1. 2 beauties, it must taker a long time doing all that beading, I see you have covered all the fabric, wonderful

  2. These are wonderful! I can only imagine how may hours they took. Beading is very time consuming.


  3. Oh gorgeous! I would love to see a picture of all the rocks together. I bet that would be an amazing sight. I'm also greatly looking forward to your CQ/beaded pieces for 2013.

    Thanks for your comment on my Words Paint blog. I appreciate very much what you said, and as more decision-making difficulties unfold, I shall keep your words in mind.