Monday, December 31, 2012

CQJP blocks 15 and 16

Here are the last two blocks for my crazy quilt for the CQJP 2012. I have had a wonderful year with this group of fellow crazy quilt addicts and it has been a wonderful year getting to know all of you!!!. I sometime feel a little alone in my corner of the world because there are not alot of people who do CQ in northern WI. A few but none like me. So anyways...its been a great year for me. Here are the final two blocks.
Block 15:

Block 16:

I went to my local quilt store this morning looking for a border for this quilt and really didn't find any fabric I liked so I might have to put finishing this quilt off for a bit. There is another quilt store about an hours drive (Antigo, WI) but I don't get that way very often. I want my border to be a teal or brown Batik fabric so it might take some searching. I never just settle for any fabric. I will know when the right fabric hits me. One puts so much time and work into a quilt like this that the finishing is just as important as the blocks are. I also need to come up with a name for this quilt. I put that challenge out to my daughter this week...she's usually pretty good at helping me come up with names for my quilts.
Here is a photo of all the completed blocks....
Anyways...I wish all of you a very heart felt....Happy News Years. I wish you all the best for the up coming new year. May we all be blessed with beautiful ribbons and fabulous threads and an unlimited end of creativity. Oh and yes I have decided on a theme for next year CQJP...but you will have to just wait and see.


  1. You do such lovely work!
    I have been following your progress through the QJP and I love what you have been producing!

  2. a beautiful set of blocks that look lovely now put together, your colour scheme really caught my eye, wonder what you have planned for this year, i have signed up too but as a beginner.

  3. I really love this quilt. The colors and the beauty of your work speak to my heart and my soul. I look forward to hearing what name your daughter comes up with, and also seeing what fabric you find for the border.

    Thank you for being such an inspiration.

    FlowerLady Lorraine

  4. You manage to do a lovely quilt and I have to say is very inspirational.
    I whish you lots of nice ideas for this year and thanks to share with us all this beautiful work

  5. Your blocks for the CQJP are so exquisite!! Love the color combination!

    Happy New Year! I hope you are considering joining in the 2013 Crazy Quilts Are Quilts Too Show on my blog! :)

  6. hello I am Brian Haggard The Crazy Haberdasher I am so happy to have found you, Your stitching is like no other. I am in love you rock thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Brian for coming over to my blog and the wonderful complements you left. I am familiar with your work as well and I enjoying your work also. I have seen your new book in the local store just recently. Congratulations on that. Again thanks for coming on over to this blog.

  7. Hi Susan, Found your Blog through Stitching Fingers and am so very happy I did. My all time favorite color is any shade of blue so I was drawn to your blocks. WOW! is all I kept saying as I scrolled through your Blog pages... I love each and every block! Your stitching and creative design on each block is incredible! I look forward to seeing what you come up with in 2013.

  8. Bravo! This is one of my favorite crazy quilts. I have a great little board on Pinterest called Crazy Quilts from the World.

  9. Bravo! This is one of my favorite crazy quilts. I have a great little board on Pinterest called Crazy Quilts from the World.