Saturday, May 19, 2012


Ok, finished this block. I had some fun with this one. Learned a few new stitches and techniques on this block. First, the bead embroidery, then the cast-on stitch, next, the Fargo flower (Joyce flower), and lastly I tried a new techniques on the large flower towards the bottom of the block.

With the large flower I cut the petals out of silk ribbon and burned the edges of the petals. The petals didn't curve inwards like I was expecting so I squeezed one of the inside edges and took some small stitches to make a little curve in the petal. Then I placed all the petals on top of one another and sewed them into place with E-beads. Next I add the leaves. I really like the way they turned out. I like the ruffly look them have. The next time I make a flower like this however I will make the petals on the flower smaller and I will try a different material to construct the leaves out of maybe like organza . I have seen these types of flowers before and they seem to curve naturally from the edges being burned but the silk did not curve upwards.

I also added a branch for the spider web to attach to and placed the spider in the bottom corner of the web. I usually make a spider but on my last vacation I purchased these great little spiders in Omaha, NE. while visiting my daughter so I just had to use one here.
And then here is just one more close up of a little flower cluster....hope you enjoy :)


  1. have throughly enjoyed reading about the block, ery inspiring, thank you

  2. Great idea with your silk ribbon flower.

  3. I came to visit your rocks, but your embroidery is just amazing, beautiful work, both rocks and not.

    1. Thanks Char, both mediums bring me much joy.