Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Block

Well I finally finished a new quilt block. Summer has been extremely busy for me this year so I have fallen way behind in my online activities. I am trying to start a new business and I have been working at my regular full time job. So anyways...... this week I finally set some time aside for my crazy quilting. Oh how I miss it when I am away. Here is a picture of the whole block

Here are a few close ups of the center flowers. These are twisted ribbon roses using 3 different colors of 4mm YLI silk ribbon. The leaves are a variegated 4 mm silk ribbon. The center of the flowers are burgundy seed beads.

Here are a few other close ups. 

 I think I will be only doing a small crazy quilt with this color scheme. Probably only 4 blocks. Keep posted for 3 more blocks. Have a wonderfully creative week......


  1. Susan, your block is gorgeous. You have such a gift with colors and your stitching is immaculate. I am way behind on everything too. We finally got mom's 'stuff' sold and now we are working on getting her house ready and sold. Like you I really miss not having more time to work on these things.

  2. this block is very rich, good to see you back blogging. Best of luck with your new enterprise. I am up to date with my CQJP but have been neglectful with my blog, although keeping up with other people`s blogs

  3. What lovely lush colors and beautiful needlework.