Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bead and Button Show Pictures

Here are a few more photos of some of the lovely bead work pieces that were at the Bead and Button Show this year in Milwaukee a few weeks ago. Please forgive the amateur quality of photos. I had to take the pictures thru glass and the sun was shining brightly that beautiful day.

I think this was one of my favorite pieces (Diane Hyde, 'Tattered'). It is actually a collar. Under all the crystals is a wonderful lace. Really quite beautiful.

This piece by Tatiana Fitspatrick (Anastasia) won Best of Show and I feel it truly deserved that award. It's all seed beads with a lovely color scheme that created a miniature carpet. So much work and detail.

The National Button Society also had a wonderful exhibit with a large sampling of many antique buttons. Here are a few shots of that exhibit.

There were also some very nice silk ribbon pieces at the show. I don't know if they were part of a competition or just on display. Here are a few of those items:

I had a wonderful time at the show. It was the first time I was able to attend mostly because it is difficult for me to take off of work during this time of year. But I did it and I had a GREAT time. Everyone was so friendly and happy to be there. I didn't attend any classes but I did do the 3 days of shopping. One night I had come back to my motel room and was listening to some ladies in the hall discussing their day. One says to the other 'I think I spent a lot of money today. Actually, I spent it all' I had to just laugh at her because I think I was in the same boat. Again, I had a wonderful time and hopefully I can attended next year show. Every body have a wonderful week !!!


  1. I think the third, fourth and fifth pieces are my favorites, and the silk ribbon pieces are stunning! Thank-you for sharing these gorgeous pieces of work!

  2. I have never seen such wonderful beadwork they really are all very sumptuous.