Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nov CQJP block

Here is the block that I have submitted for the Novenber CQJP. I had posted pictures of this earlier (May, I think). I tried to put a tree branch in this block so the spider web would have a place to set. I also made the large flower towards the bottom of the block by cutting out silk ribbon and burning the edges. It turned out ok but next time I will make it a little smaller. I really like how the brown leaves turned out by the flower. There is also a tutorial on how to do the spider web if anyone is interested. Again, I think it is listed under one of the May headings.

As I said earlier, I have been working on other things lately and have set the crazy quilting aside. Well it's time to pick it up again with only a month left. Yikes, where did the year go? We had our first snow yesterday. Only about an inch or so but I know more will be coming soon. Hope you enjoy this months block


  1. Gorgeous! What a beautiful spider web!

  2. love this block, the colours are superb

  3. That is the best spider web I have ever seen! Beautiful block, love the colors.