Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Online quilt contest

In entering the online crazy quilt contest it suggests I tell you a little more about my journey as a crazy quilter. I started on or about 1997 (that's when I can find my earliest dated finished crazy quilt). I lived in Melbourne, FL and was a college student at the time. I saw an episode of Quilt in a Day on PBS on was instantly hooked on quilting in general. Eleanor Burns made it look so easy. I started taking classes at a local quilt store and made several normal quilts. Then one day I walked into that store and there was a heart shaped crazy quilted tree skirt. It was the most wonderful thing I ever saw. I signed up for the class and have not really stopped since. I love all the silk ribbon, beads, buttons, and laces crazy quilts have to offer. I also love to see others work. I have enter several shows and have won many first places, viewers choice, and two best of show. I would like to write a book on crazy quilting very soon so I am working on a few more quilts to put it the book. I always try to challenge myself to improve my skills and techniques each time I make a new quilt. I hope you will visit the show at and view some wonderful quilts. Above are some more examples of my work.


  1. Susan, these are four really beautiful blocks. Your colours or lovely. The block with the silk ribbon leaves is so pretty, what stitch did you use?

  2. Thanks for enjoying my work. I use a stem stitch for the center of the leaves and then use the Japenese ribbon stitch for each of the leaves to form the whole leaf. I start with small stitches at the bottom and increase their lenght as I move to the top.

  3. More beautiful examples! I thought I had seen all the entries in the Crazy Quilt Show, but I found yours because of your comment on my CQJP block! You do amazing and beautiful work. So fortunate you walked into that shop and saw the tree skirt!