Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CQJP block 4

I have just completed block 4 for the CQJP. Just can't help myself I'm on a roll. My head is just full of ideas for this quilt. I purchased some more silk ribbon from the Piecemakers Country Store and I just had to dive right into it. Beside YLI silk ribbon I also purchased some Hannah silk ribbon in some beautiful colors this time. Great stuff. I just wish it came in thinner sizes. It's fragile ribbon and doesn't handle going thru fabric too well. I also recently went to a local bead store and found some great little brown stone goldfish. I also had to use them right away so I placed them in the center of this block.
I also purchased my beads for my next bead journal project. This time I am going to go a little more color coordinated. Here is a picture of the beads. Lets see what it turns into. The center stone is Porcelain Jasper.


  1. Beautiful CQ. Could you email me at please?

  2. Susan, I'm drooling. The photos of your work, past and present, are wonderful. Don't you just love the feel of hanks of beads! As always, beautiful work.

  3. Lovely work, Susan! Your SRE is gorgeous!