Thursday, February 12, 2015

Blue Crazy Quilt

Quite a while back I made this blue/teal/purple crazy quilt. It was before I knew how to take good photos or how to use the internet very well. I had never taken good quality photos of it.  I have been meaning to take better photos of it for years. Well tonight I finally got around to taking those photos. At one point I did do a you tube video of it. It's kind of a sad little video but it is video. And may provide you with a little bit of a giggle.

Anyways here are some of the photos of this quilt. First is a photo of the over all quilt.

 Here are some close up photos of the quilt. First photo is of some Krenik metallic threads just swirled around with some decorative leaf beads added to it. Simple but it turned out pretty cool. The next two photos are of a wreath. The center is woven 4 mm silk ribbon in 2 different colors. I then went around the edges with feather stitches and silk ribbon flowers.

Here is a little beaded pouch that I made. I make beaded amulet purses once in awhile and I wanted to try one with this heavy furry fabric. I really didn't like the way it turned out so instead of finishing it for a necklace I sewed it on the surface of the quilt. It turned out to be a good place for it.

Here are a few vines with leaves and flowers. One bunch of flowers made with seed beads and one with flowers made from silk ribbon.

Here a did a twisted ribbon flower and a curved feather stitch. And the next photo shows an oval framed flower garden circled by a bow and a beautiful butterfly button.

I love to put grape vines on my seams. Here I used a 4 mm green silk ribbon for the vine. Two strands of DMC floss for the tendrils and seed beads for the grapes.

The below photo has some of my favorite flowers. I used a variegated teal 7 mm silk ribbon and seed beads for the flower centers. What I really liked was not making the center of the flowers round. I filled in spaces to create the center and it really turn out wonderfully. The bottom photo are some hanging fuchsias.

Here I added a spider web with a metallic thread from Krenik and a creepy little spider.

Here are just a few more seam treatments.

Here is a close up of one of the corners/borders and next photo shows that back of the quilt.

Hope you enjoyed seeing this quilt. I loved working with the beautiful batik fabrics in this quilt. Blues and purple and such are my kind of color scheme so I enjoyed making this quilt. Some day I will have to make a red/orange/yellow color scheme and go out of my comfort zone. Have a wonderful week everyone and hopefully you will get some stitching time.


  1. This is wonderful. I love the color scheme and your stitching is beautiful!

    Your silk ribbons are such lovely colors. Where do you buy them?

    Happy Stitching and thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  2. Lorraine First, thanks for always visiting my blog. I appreciate it and do notice that you are always there. Thanks for following my blog. My silk ribbons come from many sources. Some are Bucilla, some are YLI and some are hand dyed from many different sources. When I can I buy I do so I have a large selection to pick from. Have a wonderful day!