Friday, October 26, 2012

Altered Art

So this is one of the items I've been busy with lately. I've been doing some altered art using antique spoons and forks. I saw something similar on Pinterst and totally loved them. I have a few in my kitchen and one of my co-workers has purchased one for her kitchen. I think I'm going to sell some of them at the flea market next summer. Here is one of the forks:
Here are a few close ups of that fork:

Here are a few more of the forks:

Here are some of the spoons:

Here are a few more:


I had some guy friends from work drill the holes in the spoons and forks for the chains. Attached the chains with jump rings. The other materials were purchased at garage sales, some at Micheals, others at JoAnns fabrics, some at antiques stores, some are from earrings and still other parts are just from some old charms I had laying around. I used E6000 glue for the gluing parts of this project. Hope you enjoy them.


  1. well Susan I must admit I have never come across this technique before but it is a good way of using up old cutlery and I can see they would look good in the kitchen, well done on these, such imagination

    1. Thanks Margaret, they were fun to make and I used up some odd items lying around the house.

  2. How creative!! I would never thought of anything like that. And your eye for what to put where? So pretty!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the range of textures and the mixed metals. The cutlery bases are really eye-catching, partly because they're so unusual, but also because they fit in so well with the components you added.

    The chain tassels on the pagoda charms (at least, I assume that's what those are) really caught my eye. Did the charms come like that or did you add the chain yourself?

  4. Hey Caitlin. Thanks for coming over again. I did put the chain dangles on those charms. These pieces were alot of fun to make.