Thursday, April 19, 2012

April BJP

So sorry I haven't posted in awhile. This week I lost one of my dogs so it's been a difficult time around here. She was old and it was time but still it's difficult:( My poor other dog is having a difficult time with it as well.
On to happier things. I finally finished my April beaded rock. I found these white stone goldfish at a local bead store and decided to put them in some water. This rock took awhile. I seemed to lose a little interest in it as time progressed. Maybe because it was all the blue but I really don't know. This rock just didn't provide the spark that the other rocks did. Also just before I finished the rock the power went out here (it was night time) so I literally finished it under lantern light. I wasn't going to let no electricity stop me from finishing it. I really wanted it completed.
I also made a few more blocks for my CQJP. I really liked how this quilt was turning out so I went from 9 blocks to 16 blocks. I am working on several blocks at one time. Three more of them are almost completed so stayed tuned for those. I will probably have them done within the week. Everyone have a wonderfully creative week.....


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    1. Thank you Connie. Her name was Molly I had her for 10+ years. But it was time, she was suffering. Thanks again.

  2. Am so sorry for your loss Susan. On a more positive note, your pebble is incredible!

  3. Your beaded rocks are amazing. But your crazy quilting is even more so. Your embroidery skills - incredible.

  4. I'm all too familiar with the loss of your sweet fur baby. So sorry, healing hugs.

  5. Condolences for your small dog, it is always difficult to lose a small companion.
    I admire your embroidery of pearls, it is a luxurious work, bravo!

    Beautiful day

  6. Sorry about your loss... Yes, it's always sad when our elderly pets leave us, even though it's the natural way. Maybe your next rock will be a tribute to her as a young, vibrant puppy... or maybe it could tell the whole story of her life. Just a thought.

    This one is calming. I don't get all jazzed up looking at it, the way I do with some of your others... but it makes me feel good.

    Thanks for posting it!

    Robin A.

  7. This has a great underwater look.
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader